Services Available

Press Photographs

Rescue Exercise

Are you organising an event for your club or group?

Are you the P.R.O. for your club and want to publicise your club or an event your club is putting together?

Do you need photographic coverage of the event?

No Problem....

I am available to attend the event and take photographs to capture the nature of the occasion. The photographs will then be prepared for press publication with suitable captions to convey the content of the image. Get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

Personal Landscape

Do you have a special area or scene that is special to you? It might be the view from your front or back door. It might be a local landmark that defines your area. It might be a view across a lake or river.

Whatever it is wouldn't it be nice to have a mounted photograph capturing the essence of this scene. Well now you can.....

Get in touch and we can discuss your requirements and plan the image you want. You can keep it yourself or use it as a present for a special occasion like a wedding, anniversary, etc.

Cobh Cathedral